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JUAN ORREGO-SALAS (IU faculty: 1961-1987)



Selected Compositions

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Juan Antonio Orrego-Salas (b. Santagio, Chile, January 18, 1919) is a Chilean composer of contemporary classical music and musicologist.  He was a student of Randell Thompson and Aaron Copland in the United States, and later he setteld in that country in the early 1960s to work at Indiana University, where he co-founded the Latin American Music Center.  He has been one of the foremost Chilean composers and one of the most widely known of the musicians from that country around the world.

Orrego-Salas has made significant contributions as a composer, musician and scholar. Following his retirement from the IU School of Music in 1987, Orrego-Salas has continued to be active in the areas of scholarship and composition.

Selected Compositions

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