Composition Department


Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Masters Thesis

Revised, August 2012

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Document Style Guidelines

How to Prepare and Submit the Final Document


(1) Copy the thesis and writes the program notes in conformity with these guidelines and with the Notation Style Guide.

(2) Once the thesis is completed to the satisfaction of your teacher, the signature page may be prepared and signed by the teacher, and if submitting a hard copy, it may be prepared on archival paper.

(3) Submit final copies to the Music Graduate Office (MU 011) by the last day of the semester.

(4) If submitting a hard copy, arrange to have the score hard bound. If you have the score bound at Smith Bookbindery, the Music Graduate Office needs confirmation that the bindery has received the document and that you have paid the bindery fees--a receipt or phone call from the bindery will suffice--by the last day of final exams for the student to graduate. If you have the document bound elsewhere, the Music Graduate Office must receive the actual bound documents by the last day of final exams for you to graduate