Composition Department


Requirements for the Outside Area in Composition, MM Degree


Master of Music students interested in pursuing an Outside Area in composition should:
1. print and fill out this form (or get one from the music graduate office)
2. submit the form along with a portfolio of completed works (pdf), list of compositions (pdf), and if possible, performance recordings (mp3) to the chair of the composition department, preferably in a folder shared via box.iu. Submitted scores should demonstrate that the student has enough compositional craft, ability and experience to do graduate level work in composition. Scores and recordings will be evaluated by the composition faculty; an interview with the student may be requested.

NOTE: students are advised to apply for Outside Area status before taking K810 to ensure that all your K810 hours will count toward the Outside Area.

The requirements of the Outside Area are as follows:

6 hours of K810 (3-3 or 2-2-2), private composition lessons, with concurrent registration in I500 (0), Composition Masterclass, for each semester of composition lessons.


Public performance of at least one composition (written while enrolled for K810), preferably on student composition recitals. The piece will be graded Pass/Fail by a committee of at least three members of the composition faculty in attendance.

General guidelines for the MM Outside Area at the Music Graduate Office.