Composition Department


Internal Degree Applicants

How current students may apply for an advanced degree

1a. BM to MM

Complete an online application to the University Graduate School and a complete JSOM graduate application by December 1.
Follow the procedures outlined by the admissions office for:
Domestic applicants
International applicants

1b. MM to DM

Complete the one page application form that is available in the Jacobs School of Music Admissions Office by December 1 and follow their procedures.

2. And for ALL internal applicants:
  • There is NO pre-screening for current IU composition majors.  
  • Your degree recital serves as your audition/interview for the subsequent degree.
  • Be sure  to check the box requesting an interview for a Theory AI [see below].
  • Submit the following items to the composition department chair before February 15 for priority consideration for financial aid:
    • a) Chronological list of compositions, including instrumentation, duration, date
    • b) Curriculum Vitae
    • c) 3-4 scores
    • d) At least one recording

Preferred method of submission:  send the chair a one page PDF document containing links to your list, CV, scores and recordings with filename <last name>_portfolio_<year>.pdf.  Here is a template.

Alternatively, send 1) a PDF of a concise list of works that includes links to recordings and 2) PDF files of CV & each score.

If you must send actual recordings, limit to 2, and make them small mp3 files.

Deadline for applying for Composition associate instructorships and graduate assistantships: February 15

Information and Application Guidelines for associate instructorships and graduate assistantships in the Composition Department (printable .pdf format). Applicants to the School of Music should wait to apply for these positions until after you hear from us in late December or early January, once we have completed our screening process for graduate applications.

Deadline for applying for Theory associate instructorships: early January (Check with the Theory Dept. for exact date)

Note: We strongly encourage new (and current) graduate students to apply for associate instructorships in the Theory Department. To do so, you need to check the appropriate box on the graduate application form. If you sent in the form without doing this, and would like to apply for a Theory AI, please contact the Admissions Office well ahead of your on-campus interview, to arrange the appropriate interview with the Theory faculty.

Current IU composition majors should apply for Theory AI positions by filling out the online application before their early January deadline. Interviews are held on audition weekends in January, February and March.