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The videos below highlight clips from recent Doctoral and Masters student recitals. All students are required to work with an orchestra for at least one major recital; doctoral students often have access to the paid Conductor's Orchestra. We hope you will browse these excerpts to view the high-quality choral and orchestral ensembles available to you while studying at Indiana University. Check back often as we add more each semester!

Juan Carlos Zamudio, Doctoral Student
J. S. Bach - Magnificat in D, BWV 243

Carlo Vincetti Frizzo, Doctoral Student
NOTUS: Contemporary Vocal Ensemble
Frizzo: Nightscape

Ryan Endris, Doctoral Student
University Chorale and Conductor's Orchestra
Gabriel Faure - Requiem

Caleb Lewis, Doctoral Student
Tavener: Song for Athene (1993)

Michaella Calzaretta, Doctoral Student
Britten: A.M.D.G.

Steven Berlanga, Doctoral Student
Beethoven: Mass in C Major, Gloria

David McNeil, Masters Choral Conducting Student
Charpentier: Te Deum - Te aeternum and Pleni sunt coeli

Benjamin Geier, Masters Student
Vox Reflexa
M. Durufle -Quatre Motets sur des Thèmes Grégoriens op. 10 
Ivan Moody - Words of the Angel
Frank Ferko - Hildegard Motets