Audio Engineering and Sound Production

Student Projects

Senior Portfolios 2016

As a capstone project in their final semester, seniors in the Audio Engineering and Sound Production program create a website to showcase their engineering and creative work while studying at the Jacobs School. Click on the pictures below to take a look at their impressive work.

Nathaniel DavisNathaniel Davis graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts, a Bachelor of Music in Tuba Performance with Music Honors, and a Certificate in Arts Administration. While at the Jacobs School he worked with exceptional musicians such as Madalyn and Cicely Parnas, and his interest in contemporary music has led to premiere recordings by John Gibson, Aaron Travers, Jeremy Podgursky, and Peter Johns. In the summer of 2015, he worked as the National Repertory Orchestra’s Production, Operations, and Recording Intern, and will return in 2016 as the orchestra’s Recording Engineer. 

Mark Edlin

Mark Edlin is an accomplished recording engineer, videographer and percussionist with  experience in a wide range of genres: from sound for film production, classical and jazz recording, and new-traditional folk and indie rock music. As an artist and highly trained percussionist, his performance is deeply woven into emerging rock and folk bands in the Souther Indiana community.

Isaac FinkIsaac Fink graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts with a minor in ethnomusicology. During the Summer of 2015 he interned with the Numero Group where he digitzed newly acquired master tapes, interviewed artists, and wrote liner notes for Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music. At Jacobs his production experience encompassed  studio engineering, live sound engineering, producing and mixing; as well as archiving, media digitization, and preservation.

Kimberly HollkampKimberly Hollkamp graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts and a minor in Theater and Drama. In 2015 she interned at the Women's Audio Mission in San Francisco. At Indiana University here exprieence included live and studio recording, live sound, sound for visual media and theater sound design. She also worked as a teaching asistant.

Victor KamhaziVictor Kamhazi is originally from Caracas, Venezuela graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts and a minor in Telecomunications. He interned at Nutmeg Post in New York City. In his time at the Jacobs School Victor gained experience in all musical genres doing live and studio recording, post-production for visual media, and live sound reinforcement.