Audio Engineering and Sound Production

A480 Internship

A480 consists of an on site internship at a facility related to the student’s interests. The choice of facility and activities are left up to the student however approval must be obtained from the instructor

  1. Prior to enrolling in the internship, the student should meet with the instructor to discuss their goals and options for the internship. Students are solely responsible for making all internship arrangements.

  2. Internships can be completed no earlier than the summer before the Senior year of enrollment.

  3. Internships must be a minimum of 8 weeks in length working at least 20 hours per week, 160 hours total, and can be paid or unpaid. Longer internships are encouraged.

  4. Once the student decides on an internship and works out an arrangement with the hosting facility, he/she must complete the internship planning sheet and submit it to the faculty supervisor. Once approved, the student will then be authorized to register for A480.

Download A480 syllabus
Download A480 planning sheet