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Performer Diploma and Artist Diploma - Voice or Early Music Voice


Performer Diploma, Solo Performance and Artist Diploma students majoring in Voice or Early Music Voice must be enrolled in at least 10 credit hours each fall and spring semester.  A maximum of four semesters of enrollment is allowed in a total period of five years for completion of the PDSP or AD programs. 

Course of Study


3-8 credit hours of MUS-V 900 (voice) or MUS-Y 910 (early music voice) each semester; except summer session, where it is possible to register for 2-6 credit hours. The minimum required grade is A-.  Registration in the summer is not required.


2 credit hours each fall and spring semester of enrollment.  The minimum required grade is B.  


International students whose first language is not English must have a TOEFL score of 510 (paper based) 183 (computer based) or 65 (internet based) or higher to be considered for admission.

Voice students must demonstrate knowledge of French, German, and Italian grammar equivalent to two semesters at the college level with a grade of C or higher in each, and proficiency in diction in each language by examination or by passing a Jacobs School of Music diction course. Students must take all three diction exams in their first semester of enrollment; with Voice Department permission, they may take specific exams for a second time in their second semester of enrollment. For any exam not passed, students must pass the appropriate Jacobs School of Music diction course with a grade of C or higher.  The diction exams are offered prior to the beginning of each semester.

Foreign language proficiency in any language other than English can be demonstrated in one of four ways:  1. Take two semesters of first year undergraduate language study in one language at IU.  2. Take one semester of accelerated undergraduate language study in one language at IU.  3. Take the Music First Year Language Exam (MFYLE) at IU to demonstrate that you have the equivalent knowledge of a student who has taken at least one year of the foreign language at the college level.  4. Bring the Music Graduate office an official university transcript that shows that you have taken either two semesters or one accelerated semester of the foreign language grammar course(s) with appropriate grades (C or higher).  The transcript needs to include the title of the course, the number of credits taken, and the grade of C or higher.  Courses taken for Pass/Fail grades, courses taken as an auditor, or transcripts that do not include the title of the course will not be accepted. Courses taken more than 10 years ago cannot be used.  Students requesting to have a language waived based on transcripts must make an appointment to see the Graduate Academic Advisor before or during their first semester.


A minimum of 6 credit hours in addition to lessons, ensemble, and chamber music coaching. The minimum required grade in each course is C.  The Director of Graduate Studies, who will use the following guidelines, must approve courses selected:

In general, classes chosen for the Music Course requirement should be lecture or lecture/activity courses. Examples include conducting, music theory, music history, music education, orchestral repertoire, music literature, pedagogy, jazz studies, courses in early music, or similar courses.  Applied lessons, chamber music, or ensembles will not count, with one exception: up to 2 credits in lessons in an instrument that is not the student’s major.  A maximum of 2 credits of MUS-F 540 Postural Alignment for Musicians can count for the music course requirement.

Students must take courses suited to their level. For example, students who have completed a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent work for a conservatory diploma, should register for music graduate courses. Enrollment in graduate review courses in music history and literature or music theory will count for students who have not previously enrolled in the Master of Music or Doctor of Music program at IU. Prerequisites for courses must be met before enrollment is allowed.

Transfer courses may not be used to satisfy any part of this requirement.

Courses taken before the date of first enrollment in the Diploma Program may not satisfy this requirement. Exceptions may be requested, by written petition.

Courses outside the Jacobs School of Music may count only with written approval.  


Performer Diploma Recital MUS-I 611, 0 cr.  To be approved by a faculty committee according to hearing procedures for Master of Music recitals.  The recital must be passed with a minimum grade of A-.  The student’s teacher must be present in person at the recital performance.

Artist Diploma Recitals Four recitals required, all 0 (zero) credit hours.  The minimum required grade for all Artist Diploma recitals is A-.  4 solo recitals (I911).  Operatic roles performed at Indiana University Opera Theater productions may be substituted for a maximum of two of the required recitals with the approval of the voice faculty for modern voice majors.  


Students must complete a Program Completion Application prior to, or at the beginning of, the intended last semester.  Please check with the Music Graduate Office for official deadlines and notices regarding graduation.  A minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average and good academic standing is required to graduate.  Diplomas are mailed about three months after graduation.  Transcripts requested about a month after graduation should reflect the completion of your diploma.

 Students will be subject to all rules and regulations of the Jacobs School of Music.  It is the student’s responsibility to understand all academic requirements (from the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin).*

 *Student’s Responsibility: Students have a threefold responsibility: 1) to know and satisfy the requirements stated in the Jacobs School of Music Bulletin; 2) to know their academic standing based on the academic standards stated in the JSoM Bulletin; and 3) to know and observe all regulations and academic calendar deadlines as stated in the Schedule of Classes, the JSoM Bulletin, and the student handbooks.  Faculty and staff advisors assist students in planning a program of study to meet degree requirements, but students are responsible for meeting all requirements for their respective degrees and all announced deadlines. 

Click here for Student Consumer Information about the Performer Diploma, Solo Performance or Artist Diploma Voice or Early Music Voice programs.