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musdoc [at] indiana [dot] edu (Brittany Dye), Doctoral Clerk

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2011-2012 Jacobs School of Music Bulletin Changes

Since the publication of the 2011-2012 Jacobs School of Music Bulletin, the Jacobs School of Music Council will approve several changes to the curriculum. The most important of these (along with corrections of some misprints) will be listed here.

Please note that these changes apply to students entering in semesters after the changes were approved. Students who entered before that date may petition to have the new requirements apply to their degrees; ordinarily this means switching to all the requirements of the most recent Bulletin.

Please contact the Music Graduate Office if you have questions.

Academic Standing - Graduate (17 August 2011)

Page 88

The section under academic probation should read:

A graduate or diploma student will be placed on academic probation after any semester in which

  1. the student receives academic warning letters in consecutive semesters; or
  2. the student’s cumulative GPA (representative of at least two semesters) falls below 3.0; or
  3. the student receives a grade of F in a major ensemble; or
  4. the student receives a grade of F in a course required for the major field; or
  5. the student accumulates two or more unsatisfactory grades in review courses taken to satisfy a proficiency requirement.

The other areas of that section (academic warning and dismissal) are correct.

PhD in Music Theory (2 November 2011)

In the major field requirements, under "Advanced Courses," the entry for MUS-T 700 Dissertation in Music Theory should be 9 to 27 credits.

Typographical Errors

Page 35: Under Chamber Ensemble, in the early music area, it should say "Y450/Y550"

Page 35: Under Chamber Ensemble, in the percussion area, it should say "F447/F547"

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