Audition Information

Jazz Voice Requirements

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies
Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (Jazz Studies Emphasis)

Along with the application to the Jacobs School of Music, all undergraduate applicants in jazz voice must submit a screening recording online to the Office of Music Admissions. Screening recordings must be received no later than December 1, 2014. We encourage you to apply as early as possible and cannot guarantee that recordings which arrive after the December 1 deadline will be heard by committee or considered for advancement in the admission process.

All recordings must be DVD. Be certain that the recording is of high quality, and your recording should be produced without any artificial enhancement such as echo or electronic reverb. If you are unable to come to campus for any of our audition weekends, you may submit a “final audition” recording online. Please click here for detailed information on how to submit your screening or final recording online.

The screening recording must include the following:

Two Jazz standards of contrasting tempo and style.

One of your choices should come from the Great American Songbook (Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen, Richard Rodgers, etc.)

One of your choices should include vocal improvisation (scat singing)

Live Audition: Select repertoire that you did not perform on your screening recording

You may perform with or without microphone:

  • A piece of your choice in 12-bar blues form (such as Billie's Bounce, Centerpiece or Straight, No Chaser) with two or three improvised choruses
  • A jazz standard of your choice (such as Autumn Leaves, All the Things You Are, Oleo) with improvised choruses
  • A selection of your choice with a contrasting tempo and alternate style (funk, samba, bossa, pop, etc.)
  • Jazz sight reading
Master of Music in Jazz Studies

The prospective student must:

1. Present a minimum of six pieces of jazz repertoire ( of your choice):

  • blues
  • ballad
  • swing tune
  • bop tune
  • Latin tune (preferably in Portuguese)
  • scat solo transcription
  • one additional tune of your choice, which could be an original composition

Your audition pieces should represent standard forms (AABA, etc.), as well as standard jazz compositions. You will be asked to scat sing on your choice of these pieces.

2. Play piano on one or more of your selections.

3. If you have a "gig" book, please bring it to the audition.

4. Present a jazz repertoire list. This may be the index for your "gig" book.  You may also include a classical repertoire list if you wish.

5. Demonstrate a minimum of one-and-one-half octave range including successful negotiation of the passaggio.