Audition Information

Music Education Requirements

Bachelor of Music in Education (B.M.E.)

Undergraduate admission is based on a successful audition in the student's performing instrument or voice category, and an in-person interview with the music education faculty. The interview will consist of an on-site essay, questions concerning your musical and extracurricular activities, and a general assessment of your musical skills.

Master of Music Education (M.M.E.)
Master of Science in Music Education with Certification (M.S.)
Doctor of Music Education (D.M.E.)
Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education (Ph.D.)

In addition to the materials required on the Graduate Application, applicants for the MME, DME or PhD should submit GRE General Test Scores. Applicants for the MS degree do not need the GRE; instead they must submit Casa scores (Core Academic Skills Assessment Test) or qualifying scores on one of the following: SAT (1100), ACT (24), GRE (301). Applicants for all music education graduate degrees must provide an entrance essay, a ten-minute video recording which demonstrates proficiency in teaching, plus a short video or audio recording which demonstrates proficiency as a soloist or conductor; (website, HTML, or DVD acceptable), and complete a music education interview. Applicants wishing to be considered for Associate Instructorships or other financial aid must interview in person.

Applicants are asked to write an essay of three to five pages. The purpose of this essay is to assess your ability to organize your thoughts and to express them clearly in writing. Please describe in the essay your previous background in music and music education, with particular emphasis on your teaching experience. Include in your essay a discussion of what you hope to accomplish in your graduate study and your long-term career goals. Students applying for the D.M.E or Ph.D. degree programs should also discuss potential research interests. Your essay must be submitted with your application.