Audition Information

Computer Music Composition Requirements

Master of Computer Music Composition (M.M.)

Applicants must submit a screening portfolio of primarily electronic compositions (scores/recordings/videos) and a complete list of compositions and dates.

Applicants should upload:

1. four to six electronic works and one solely acoustic composition (recordings and, when applicable, pdf scores and/or patches, programs, program notes, etc.). Electronic compositions can include fixed-media audio, video with audio soundtrack, fixed or interactive audio/video with live instruments. For multichannel works, please submit a stereo mixdown, and in addition, a multichannel zipped archive of the same work with the channels clearly labeled (L_Front, L_Rear, etc.). For video works, it is recommended that you provide a video hosting service link, such as Youtube or Vimeo, rather than uploading the video itself; and

2. a chronological list of completed compositions, including date of compositions, instrumentation, duration, and any performances.

Application materials must be received by December 1. After a review of submitted scores and recordings by the composition faculty, a limited number of applicants will be invited to interview on the Bloomington campus during the audition/interview weekends. This interview is mandatory for admission and financial aid consideration. Those invited to interview should be prepared for a brief ear-training examination (identification of intervals, triads, etc.).

*Please Note: Applicants who are required to submit pre-screening will submit their letters of recommendation to Decision Desk.

Applicants with strong music theory skills are encouraged to schedule an interview for a music theory assistantship with the Office of Music Admissions. Please read the important qualifying information regarding music theory AI auditions for more details.