*Auditions are available on the Saturday of audition weekends only.

Master of Music (M.M.), Performer Diploma- Solo Performance (P.D.S.P.)

Solo (to be performed without piano): Martin-Ballade for Trombone

Etude: One etude of choice from either Bitsch, Boutry or Bozza


Berlioz-Symphonie fantastique

Mozart-Requiem, Tuba mirum


Rossini-Overture to La Gazza Ladra

Rossini-Overture to William Tell

Saint-Saens-Symphony No. 3 (Organ)

Schumann-Symphony No. 3 (Rhenish)

Strauss-Also Sprach Zarathustra

Wagner-Ride of the Valkyries, minor and major sections

Candidates shall be able to demonstrate all major and minor scales, covering two or more octaves as possible. Possible sight reading.

Doctor of Music (D.M.) in Music Literature and Performance

DM candidates are required to submit with their application a pre-screening video recording by the December 1 deadline. The recording should be a minimum of 20 minutes or a maximum of 30 minutes in length, containing repertoire of the candidate's choice, demonstrating current performance achievement in solo repertoire and common ensemble excerpts. Applicants are encouraged to use the highest quality equipment practically available to most accurately demonstrate current playing level. The recording must be accompanied by a detailed CV and Statement of Intent. Please click here for detailed instructions for submitting the prescreening recording online to Acceptd.

*Please Note: Applicants who are required to submit pre-screening will submit their letters of recommendation to Acceptd.

Doctoral applicants should expect a 20-25 minute audition/interview.

Those invited to a live DM audition should expect an audition/interview that lasts approximately 25 minutes with repertoire to include solos, etudes and excerpts of the candidate's choice. Additionally, major and minor scales, covering the entire range of the instrument as well as sight-reading may be asked. The audition will be performed without piano accompaniment. An interview will be included in the audition, addressing philosophy, goals and pedagogical concepts.